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Decorating Kid’s Room For Christmas

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Decorating a kid’s room for Christmas doesn’t have to be costly. There many ways to decorate the kid’s room as elaborately as the main room. Look into the Christmas lights decor and budget Christmas decorations that will help you stay on budget and still create a Christmas fairy tale in the kid’s room.

Christmas Kid’s Room Decor Ideas

Decorating Kid's Room For Christmas

Christmas Tree Alternative

Christmas tree is an essential part of the holiday decor so consider making an alternative tree for the kid’s room. It can be a ladder decorated with lights and ornaments or a tree-shaped  arrangement of Christmas baubles.

Decorating Kid's Room For Christmas


Garlands are a great way to get the room decorated. There are many garlands you can do yourself or with the kids. They can be made out of paper, beads, pine cones, or old Christmas ornaments.

Paper Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes are a traditional Christmas decorations that are also fun to make. You can teach your kids how to make them and make it into a fun family activity. Paper snowflakes are great for window decoration.

Decorating Kid's Room For Christmas

DIY Ornaments

Turn acorns, pine cones and dry tree branches into lavish Christmas decorations and ornaments by spraying them with gold or silver paint, civering with glue and dipping into glitter or flock powder. Group different ornaments together to create a mantel piece or a table centerpiece.


Kids love toys, so adding Christmas figurines to the decor will add to the holiday spirit as well as make kids happy. Go with plush toys, you can also do them yourself if you can sew. Be sure to choose figurines that are safe for kids in case you are buying ready made ones.

Decorating Kid's Room For Christmas


The Christmas stocking is a must in any home decor as they are not only convenient for storing gifts but also are decorative. Decorate the regular red stockings with the faux jewels or a handmade stitching to give them a more glamorous look.

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