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How To Create Interesting Jack O’ Lantern

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Halloween is a great time to get creative. Carving out Jack O’ Lantern out of a pumpkin is a great creative family activity. But how to make it look more interesting? There are quite a few ways.

How To Create Interesting Jack O' Lantern

Make a Sketch On Paper

Berfore starting carving out your jack o’ lantern make sure you have a design in mind. Better yet make a sketch on paper. You can also trasnlate your design onto the punpkinitself with ductape or marker to help you carve out the design you want.

Choose Free Pattern

If you are no Ray Villafane you can find a free pattern online and give it your own take by making changes to your personal taste or adding some additional details to make it more suitable for your Halloween home decor.

Use Props

Using props can be as fun as carving out the jack o’ lantern. It can be bandages to make it look like a mummy or some other things that will bring more character to your jack o’ lantern.

Interesting Jack O’ Lanterns


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