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Light Handmade Screen in Eco Style

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Decorative interior partitions in large rooms are the known design solution. But if you want to zone a small room, such techniques are not always appropriate. And in such situation a light screen will be very helpful. It would seem to be the best way out, wouldn’t it? Yes, but with a small correction: manufactured ready-to-use screens are often prohibitively expensive and not always suitable in size.

Light Handmade Screen in Eco Style of Cardboard Tubes

Handmade screen of cardboard tubes

Cardboard tubes and tools for a screen  

The master class in this article will teach you how to make a light screen with your own hands. This does not require special skills. Everything is very simple. As for the cost of the product, with a certain wit such screens will not require funds or cost a penny.

Portable handmade screen of cardboard tubes

Cardboard tubes for winding tissues or linoleum (actually bought for a penny in specialized stores as waste) + strong rope skein = this is the minimum that will be required for a light screen “a la bamboo”. If desired, you can paint it in different colors or different shades of brown. Such screen stands firmly on the floor due to its own weight and undulating form. It will be indispensable if you want to hide the desktop in the living room or bedroom.

Materials and tools:

–          cardboard tubes (16-20 pieces);

–          a strong decorative rope;

–          a pencil;

–          scissors;

–          a tape measure;

–          a drill.

How to make such a screen with your own hands:

Cut the tube to the desired height of the screen or with different height for sections. If the thickness of the tubes is different, alternate them among themselves. Put all the tubes in a row, leveling one of the edges. It will be the bottom of the screen, which will support it.

Measure 8 inches from the bottom edge and make the first marks on each tube (point A). Up to this point, measure about 2 feet, mark (point B), and then mark the midpoint between these two points (point C). Repeat the steps on all tubes.

Drill holes in the marked spots with a low speed. Thread the decorative rope through the holes in each row (first A, then B and C). Fix the rope edge on both sides of the screen with ruggedly knot.

Screen made of cardboard tubes

Screen made of cardboard tubes

Your screen is ready, keep it always in the form of a wave for optimum stability.

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