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Skylight In Interior Design

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Window in a ceiling or a skylight is a great addition to the interior design where there is little natural lighting. Located in the roof skylights provide not only with natural light but also a view of the night sky, which can add a lot to the bedroom design. Skylights can be installed in any room under the roof.

Skylight In Interior Design


Choose a room and an exact location where you want to install a skylight window. Measuring the size of the future skylight is very important as the size of the window depends on the size of the house. The smaller the house the smaller the skylight should be. Estimating the right size of the window will prevent insulation problems. The skylight can be installed in the kitchen or bathroom, bedroom or living room.


To install skylight you also need to choose a type of window. There are various shapes possible from polygon to pyramide. There are also pitched and flat types of skylights. Also there are ventilating skylights that can be opened if necessary.

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A skylight can make for a great interior architectural detail beside providing the room with the natural light that illuminates the room decor. The skylights can be installed almost anywhere in the house and also help cut back on the electricity bills.

Skylight Examples:

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