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Your Personal AC Now Comes in a Stylish Mobile Wooden Box

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So there’s a Kickstarter campaign for a neat idea – what if you wouldn’t have to use central AC that takes up a lot of energy to cool all of your house and still be cool? Instead of freezing off the entire place, you can just cool area around you.

Wood Geizer personal AC

Geizer is a compact AC that consists of a brushless fan and a ice pack in a stylish wooden casing. It has a rechargeable battery and micro USB, but the best part is that it costs around 1 cent a day to run. You can take it anywhere with you, and enjoy the cool with not only convenience but also style, as it actually looks great. Keep it on a desk, a coffee table, or a nightstand both as a decoration and amazing solution for better, more energy-efficient home of tomorrow.

Metal Geizer

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