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Dry Bath Allows You to Relax and Float Without Getting Wet

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Taking a bath can be relaxing, up to the point that I don’t know anyone who takes a bath solely for its cleaning purposes. That said, it both takes a lot of water to fill and a lot of time to dry yourself up afterward. It’s not terribly efficient as far as relaxing activities go is what I’m trying to say.

Here is where Starpool comes to save the day. In collaboration with Neocogita, they created a drypool called Zerobody that combines the best features of a bathtub and a water mattress.

Zerobody Redefines A Concept Of Bath

Zerobody dry bath

While, I imagine, you could sleep in it, it is not what it was made for. Zerobody gives more of a flotation sensation than a waterbed would, and keeps you warm during your relaxation sessions. Seems like their intended audience will be primarily office workers (and maybe spas) but I can totally see this as a sort of unconventional yet functional living room addition. This thing is ideal for quick breaks to level your mind, or long rest after a hard day, maybe in front of a TV or with a good song – all dry and with your clothes on… as an option.



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