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Delancey Underground Project: Subterranean Park

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The Delancey Underground Project is to turn an unused underground trolley terminal in New York into a subterranean park. The Raad Studio has come up with a design concept for the park that includes natural light and greenery. The underground park design looks beautiful and futuristic.

Delancey Underground Project: Subterranean Park

The subterranean park is a great idea of using an empty underground space. Thanks to the special technology the sunlight will be brought to the park as well as there will be greenery which is sparse in the urban environment.

The vision of the Delancey Underground project:

What will this underground green space become? As the High Line has proven, a stunning public park can provide tremendous opportunities for creative expression, while challenging assumptions of the way humans work, live, commute, and interact. The Delancey Underground project envisions a year-round programming series, which invites the community into the space in new ways. From art exhibitions, to farmers’ markets, to educational series, tospecial events and promotions– this space will be more than a space. It will generate community, and it will inspire in the way beautiful environments can inspire.

The Delancey Underground Project: Subterranean Park

In order to make a subterranean park enjoyable place the designers are asking for the input from the local community. What do you think about the Delancey Underground project?

Subterranean Park Design Concept:

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