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Beyond Closet: Dressing Wall Ideas

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Closet isn’t always an available option but it doesn’t mean you cannot have a stylish wardrobe or even a dressing room. While there are many closet alternatives a dressing wall is something special because it adds a dressing area to your bedroom but it can also be more than merely practical. It can make your room feel more stylish and fashionable adding to its decor.

Dressing Wall Ideas

dressing wall

Sure you can simply store clothes on a clothes rack but it won’t look as stylish as a dressing wall with floating shelves for shoes and accessories and a big mirror, all of which will turn your dressing wall into a fashion showroom or a boutique.

Additional storage options like drawer chests and storage boxes can help you organize all of your things in a neat fashion making them not only easier to access but also a part of your decor. Think of it as another way to show off your style or decorating your room.

Clothes racks

dressing wall

Clothes rack and make up table

Clothes rack

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