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Christmas Outdoor Decor

Holiday decor is not limited only to interior. Decorating outdoors can also remind you and the neighbors of an upcoming holiday season. It mustn't be opulent, a decorated doorway may suffice.

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Outdoor decor is a sure way to bring the holiday spirit to the neighborhood. Think garlands, wreaths, lights, and beyond. To keep outdoor decor minimal put focus on the doorway. It immediately catches the eye and creates a holiday atmosphere around the house.

Christmas Outdoor Decor

If you want something more elaborate extend the outdoor decor to the porch and front yard. Christmas
symbolic figurines and lights will certainly make for an opulent Christmas decor. Try to choose a color scheme and be more or less consistent with colors to achieve the harmonious and complete look.

Decorating the whole house facade can take more time but in case you want festive but laconic look place several wreaths or garlands outside the windows and on the porch. Easy and fast.

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