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Christmas Lights Decor Ideas

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Christmas lights bring the holiday spirit to the house and can supplement for lack of lavish Christmas ornaments. While string lights are great for decorating outdoors there are many ways to use Christmas lights in home decor.

Holiday Decor with Christmas Lights

Christmas Tree

Christmas Lights Decor Ideas

Christmas tree is a common place for Christmas lights but they can also be used instead of an actual tree. Fixed to the wall with a double-sided scotch tape in the tree shape the lights can help you either save on Christmas tree this year or simply enjoy a non-traditional space-saving tree.


Christmas Lights Decor Ideas

Arranging string lights a certain way can make for a beautiful pendant light that you can make a focal point of the room in case you don’t have a Christmas tree or it’s very small. You can also decorate handmade Christmas ornaments with string lights to give them more a festive look.


Christmas Lights Decor Ideas

To create holiday atmosphere string lights can be hung around the house in a free manner. You can hang them on a tree, on a mantelpiece, on a mirror and other household objects. There are also various types of Christmas lights so you can experiment with them by mixing and matching different light.


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