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How To Decorate In Scandianvian Style for Christmas

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Scandinavian style keeps on trending in interior design. And it’s not surprising. It’s light, thrifty, and very modern. It suits both minimalists and design lovers. Even its holiday decor is so simple and yet classy you’d want it too.

Scandinavian style Christmas tree

Scandinavian style Christmas decor is as simple as the principles of the style itself. That’s why it fits so perfectly with the interior design. It becomes a continuation of it with the main focus on a Christmas tree. Natural-looking one is the best option for Scandinavian style as it suits best for the style full of natural materials.

The tree decorations can be handmade or simply sparse. There’s no need for garlands unless it’s white or yellow Christmas lights.

Wreaths, evergreen garlands and table centerpieces are the best option for room decor. White, gold, or red decorations will also do but they have to have their place. Windows, mantel, and Christmas tree are the usual ones.

Also if you’re not averse to fur, animal hides can be used to create Nordic style around the tree or in general, if you decide to redecorate.

Scandianvian Style Decor for Christmas

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