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Give Your Tub A New Look With Creative Siding

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When it comes to it classic wood bathtub siding isn’t the only decorative option you have. There are many materials to choose from to create the best look that suits your interior. From stone to reclaimed wood to concrete, your bathtub siding could transform your bathroom and make it look truly unique.

Mirror bathtub siding

Bathtub siding can even be mirrored if you wish and it fits your style. It can also be galvanized metal or simply tiles. The latter allow for a decorative pattern, a mosaic.

Reclaimed wood can give your tub an unusual look. The older it is the better. Some vintage reclaimed wood makes beautiful siding.

Bathtub siding step

It can also be quite functional. If you need additional storage you can build it into your siding. In the photo above, the siding also provides a step for comfortable bathtub entrance, so you can instead have minimalist shelves built into it to hold towels, bathrobes, and candles.

If you have a free-standing tub, the best way to liven it up is by painting its side. It can be a bright pop of color or a nice shade that complements your bathroom’s color scheme.

Creative Bathtub Siding

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