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Art Deco Decorating Style

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Art Deco is a glamorous and elegant decorating style. It started to develop after the World War I and stayed through 1920s and 30s. Art Deco combines luxury, functionality, elegance and modernity. Such blend makes it so unique and beautiful. The style has combined fashion, jewelry, design and man-made materials as stainless steel and incorporated the industrial theme into luxurious design that was predominant back at that time. Clear lines and sleek designs resulted from the incorporation of architecture and modern design into this decorating style.

Art Deco Decorating Style

Art Deco furniture is sleek in design and combines modern style and comfort. Wood is heavily lacquered usually in black and upholstery is done in leather and velour. Due to its modern base Art Deco decorating style is minimalist so there is not much color in it. Usually bright colors are combined with black, chrome and gold prevail in the accents and light blue or gray are used to soften the interior design.

The materials used for Art Deco can be quiet expensive making it a luxurious style. Shark skin and zebra, ebony, rare woods and marble can be used in Art Deco decorating style. When choosing a color scheme for your interior design in Art Deco style opt for geometrical prints in furniture to jazz it up and express this style to the fullest. Flooring is sleek, white or black, usually in marble or black and white checkered tile.

Lighting in Art Deco style is streamlined in design as well as the rest of the interior accessories. Geometric shapes are incorporated into lighting design as well as use of bronze, iron, chrome and glass. Textures in Art Deco are sleek and clean, surfaces are lacquered to achieve glass-looking effect. The accents should be bold as this decorating style implies.

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