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Purple Color Schemes for Home Design

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Purple is a great color for home design. There are rich and dark shades that add luxury to the room and there are light fresh hues that lighten up the decor. Dark purple shades should be used in spacious rooms to make them look a bit smaller and more intimate. Lighter tones can be used in living areas, bedrooms, and kids rooms.

Purple Color Schemes for Home Design

Matching Colors

Purple goes well with blue, red, pink and green hues. Different color combinations are possible depending on what purple tone you will choose. There is aubergine that can be matched with green, blue, red or yellow. Lavender can often be seen in bedrooms as it is fresh and yet calm. It can be paired with blue, pink or green. Lilac looks great with pink, gray, and blue.

Purple also can be matched with neutrals like black, gray, white, cream and beige. Complementary purple shades may also work well together especially when used in accents.

Purple Color Schemes for Home Design

Contrasting Colors

Purple can work well contrasting colors like orange, azure, mustard and other bold colors. These can be used as accents in a purple color scheme in throw pillows, rugs, furniture items, glassware and other decorations.

Purple Color Schemes for Home Design

Decorating With Purple

Purple can look heavy and overwhelming so throwing in some additional hues will make it less heavy. Choose the hues that your purple consists of. Add light neutrals to accentuate the deep purple shades and add bold accents if the main color scheme is pale purple.

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    It is possible to buy luxury bedspreads and have them dyed to any colour you choose, this allows complete colour choice to achieve the mood you want.

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