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Decorating in Green & Yellow Color Scheme

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Want a lively, almost electric interior? Green and yellow is the best combination for such a decor. Lime green, mustard yellow, seafoam, lemon yellow are as just beautiful as they sound. Different hues and shades of these two colors allow for both elegant and relaxed color design solutions.

Green & Yellow Color Scheme Ideas

Green & Yellow Interior

Green and yellow interior with zebra chairs

Light Green & Yellow

Light green and yellow look great together and they are not too bright so you can use them extensively throughout the interior. You can paint two parallel walls contrasting yet so matching green and yellow in similar light shades without drenching the interior in brights. You can balance it all out with some neutrals or accents with other brights.

Olive/Khaki Green & Yellow

Darker greens also look great especially when paired with bright yellows. Olive or khaki green wall with bright yellow accents is a great elegant and yet bold combination.

Lime Green & Lemon Yellow Accents

Lime green and lemon yellow look great together in nature but in decor they are great as accents. Whether you want to spruce up a neutral color scheme or emphasize the light green/yellow interior opt for these two hues.

Bluish Green & Yellow

Green with blue undertones offers a range of gorgeous coastal-style hues that in combination with bright sunny yellow look simply amazing.

If you want to introduce a third color into this tandem opt for orange and blue. There are also greyish green, neon greens and yellows to choose from. Pair them with neutrals like white, brown, and black. Bluish gray can also be a great background color for bright or neon accents. Don’t be afraid to use other shades of green or yellow than your main color scheme to use in accents or wall color as all together they might just make the room look complete.

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