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Elegant Dining Room Designs With A Twist

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How to create dining room that would be elegant but not boring? Adding an unexpected design element will make a whole new turn in dining room design. Formal dining room can feel a bit too formal and impersonal at times. It can also feel too proper and right. So in order to jazz up an elegant dining room look for some creative design solutions.

Elegant Dining Room Designs With A Twist

Formal But Shabby

Swap a too-perfect dining table for a shabby chic one to add a twist to an elegant dining room. The cracked paint will nicely contrast with the elegant upholstered or lacquered chairs. On the contrary, you can replace elegant chairs with shabby ones instead of the table and achieve a similar effect. You can also opt for another element such as an unfinished wall which will definitely look unexpected in an elegant dining room.

Elegant Dining Room Designs With A Twist

Ceiling With Personality

Paint the ceiling a bright color to brighten up the dining room design. Add an architectural detail or molding to it to achieve an interesting look. The easier way, of course, is to hang a creative chandelier or install unusual lighting fixture that will give a refined elegant look an unexpected twist.

Elegant Dining Room Designs With A Twist

Decorated Walls

Textured walls and bright bold artworks do wonders when it comes to giving the room design a much needed twist. Look for statement abstract works of art or photographs or wallpaper to add a punch of color and texture to the dining room feature wall.

Mismatched Furniture

Why go all matchy-matchy when mismatched furniture can bring such great dynamic to the dining room design. The table and chair don’t have to be from the same set to look great together. Just choose the materials and texture that look good together and watch out for scale making sure the different chairs are same size.

Elegant Dining Room Designs

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