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Outside The Box Ideas For Your Home & Outdoors

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Unusual interior and outdoor solutions aren’t always expensive or expansive. They add special charm to your house making it unique and personal. Thinking outside the box can also help manage small spaces and make the most of what you already have.

Mini House

small house

For instance, downsizing doesn’t mean you have to live in a trailer (which can be glamorous as well). You can simply built a house in a style that you want but on a smaller scale. This kind of homes look cute and attract attention.

Kitchen Porthole

Kitchen door windows

Don’t like how isolated your kitchen (or any other room) feels but can’t knock down walls to create an open layout? Doors like these might help. The big round window is similar to a space ship porthole. Stylish and futuristic!

No-Fuss Water Feature

Water bowl

If you think a water feature necessarily requires planning, excavating, and all kinds of other works, this beautiful giant water bowl will change your mind. Sure, you won’t be able to turn it into a koi pond, but you can fill it with flower petals or tea lights for the romantic outdoor leisure.

Making An Entrance

Swing doors

Saloon doors aren’t just good for pantry. Why not add a bit of drama to your dining room to amuse and impress guests?

Spot For One More


This amazing idea is a great way to add a stool for one more to your kitchen counter. Your guests will surely appreciate it.

Making An Exit


Finally, if you seemingly have no room for those fancy front door planter pots, this can become an outlet for your creativity. Doesn’t this tree look amazing?

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