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Coatrack Hanger by LTD Studio

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Coatrack is a hall’s must. It keeps coats, jackets and other outerwear items in order without taking too much space. Designed by Juozas Brundza the coatrack spells its very own name and features little hooks for hanging outerwear. Made of painted stainless steel and fastenings the coatracks vary in color and style.

Coatrack Hanger by LTD Studio

Little irony always suits the classical as well as modern interior. “Coatrack” is made in 13 different languages: Lithuanian, English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Latvian, Estonian.

The coatrack‘s dimensions will depend on which language you speak or prefer. The colors available are white, black, silver but they also can be customized. You can also request the coatrack in your language. Available at LTD Studio web store the “Coatrack” coatrack costs 130 Euros ($195), although the price may vary depending on dimensions.

“Coatrack” hanger is a creative way to decorate the hall. Its self-proclaiming design is simply fun. It is obvious yet it’s creative because it’s not a regular coatrack.

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