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Marble Lights by Benjamin Hubert

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Benjamin Hubert is a London-based designer with his own studio that specializes in industrial design, lighting and furniture. Quarry is a series of marble lights designed by Benjamin Hubert and manufactured by De La Espada. The eye-drawing marble pattern makes these lights a great statement piece.

Marble Lights by Benjamin Hubert

Quarry marble lights come in a variety of sizes in rounded and capsule-like forms. The beautiful yellow light illuminates the marble shade from the inside showing off its beautiful unique texture. The yellow tinted light nicely contrasts with marble’s grayish veins.

Statement lighting is great for decorating. It’s beautiful, it can make one of the room’s eye-drawing focus points. Marble texture is very intricate and beautiful. It is used in interior design in flooring, fireplaces, and other architectural details but the lighting is definitely a fresh approach to marble.

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