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Multifunctional Capa Desk by Reinhard Dienes

Either creating a working area at office or home the desk is the first item that comes to mind. It should be convenient, have enough storage space for various office accessories, files, papers and other stuff. In one word it should be multifunctional and stylish. Capa Desk by Reinhard Dienes is multifunctional and modern.

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Multifunctional Capa Desk by Reinhard Dienes is made of layers, hence the name (capa means “layers” in Spanish). A part of Foundry Collection Capa desk is made of wood and has a sleek and modern design as well as multiple functions.

Multifunctional Capa Desk by Reinhard Dienes

The philosophy behind the Foundry Collection is the merging of creative vision and artisan skills in an attempt to design furniture with character and soul. Working with materials known for their longevity, Foundry manages to design pieces that can be current even in the context of tomorrow.

The Capa desk is made specifically to suit technology such as computer as well as offer storage space for files and folders. The side drawers in the desk can be removed for storing large files if needed making Capa desk a perfect candidate for a home office desk with enough storage space and functions for creating an effective working area.

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