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Wall Decorations: No Furniture?

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The wall decorations are an important aspect affecting the entire picture of your house. Most people would just go for conventional wallpaper. But, let’s be unconventional and try some new wall decorations.

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Wall Decorations: just wallpaper or work of art?

Are you fond of no furniture approach in your apartment? Are you sympathetic to minimalism? Then this is a right page for you to learn how to decorate your living space without prevailing clumsy furnishings. There are different ways to adorn your walls, such as: the hand-drawn designs that imitate furniture and vinyl decal art, which surprisingly, underlines this lack of furniture. Both of them make the whole interior design of your living space more elaborate with their crafty and stylish illustrations. They look like works of art!

Hand-Drawn Wallpaper

Charlotte Mann, is a book illustrator that has started to decorate the interior of the buildings, such as museums, lofts, etc. Eventually she came about for creation of hand-drawn black and white wallpaper designs that resembled the interior. Mann can draw ladders, lamps, windows, panels, even wallpaper design. It is not uncommon for her to include even alive elements, such as cat silhouettes and plants. In one of her wallpaper designs she has crafted people. Her style is abundant with small details, that are enriching her handwork with many significant details. The hand-drawn wallpaper designs are featuring the objects that are missing, and it is meant to be this way. Just watch for yourself, and even though the designs are colorless, they look extremely realistic.

Vinyl Decal Wall Art

The Decal vinyl decor is winning over the traditional wallpaper. Over the past few year, the vinyl décor has become very popular, and to no surprise. These hip designs make your living space look very up to day and original. These designs come in great variety, and the good news is that it does not have to be very expensive, for you can make your own. All you need is supplies, which can be found in any stationary store. This way, you can use your own imagination and skills and create a truly unique wall décor designs.

Check out some awesome wallpaper decor designs:

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