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Chicago Church Converted Into Home

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Church conversions never cease to amaze. Here is another example of a church making amazing family home. Designed by Linc Thelen and Scrafano Architects this twentieth century. Ofiginally designed by Giovvani Bochetti this now Chicago crib offers six bathrooms, seven bedrooms, and a rock-climbing wall.

First Italian Methodist Episcopal Church in Chicago

First Italian Methodist Episcopal Church in Chicago

The indoors are more impressive though. The white color scheme contrasts with the black-framed stained-glass windows and decor elements. The open layout allows to have lots of different areas. The living area is divided with a black wood log storage that also holds a double-sided glass fireplace.

The second storey houses more private areas with different styles. We like how each bathroom differs from one another while at least two bedrooms are made for kids. There is a nursery and a shared kid’s room, the one that has a climbing wall, beams, and sliding barn doors. Even the doors and entries within the house are interesting.

Kitchen and living area

Kitchen, living and dining areas in an open layout

We really like the custom made decor as well. Black bar stools and dining chairs contrast with the white counter and tabletop. The yellow window glass reflects in modern lighting fixtures and metallic details that can be found in small interior accessories and bathroom hardware. Interestingly some bathrooms also have these beautiful stained glass windows.

The building’s soaring ceilings add to the impressiveness of this new home. But even their grand scale doesn’t make the house too impersonal. Sure there are spaces between the function areas to explore and even to get lost but the designers somehow managed to keep it warm and cozy.

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