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How To Recycle Old Furniture

Recycling is an important part of redecorating. This is a great way of finding use for old furniture and other stuff whether you repurpose or donate it. It's also a way to save money on new furniture and help

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The old furniture items can be turned into useful and interesting ones. Whether you donate or redecorate it the old furniture is put to good use. Recycling is the ultimate green solution. And there are many ways of recycling old furniture:

Donate & Give Away

Donate the old furniture to thrift stores or different organizations that help those in need. You can also simply give it away to people you know who would need it or put it outside with a FREE sign.


Sell the old furniture at yard sale or list it in classifieds. Make sure it’s clean and in good enough state. Flea market is another way to sell old things including furniture items.


Turn your creative energy into repurposing old furniture and giving it a new function. It can result in a very unusual furniture piece or decorative object.

Reupholster & Redecorate

If the furniture is in good condition reupholstering can give it a significant makeover while the fresh coat of paint or stain will refresh the frame.

Decoupaging an old table or cabinet is a great way of giving old furniture a new and unique look. The other decorating methods can also be applied on old furniture in order to get the fresh look.

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