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Bright Idea: Ceiling Remodeling Tips

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Remodeling your ceiling can be a bright idea. It will not only give your room a spark, it might also hide imperfections and other problems. Ceiling design is as important as wall decor and flooring. It can add depth to your room decor and set the right mood. It can also become a focal point of the room and incorporate ambient lighting.

Bright Idea: Ceiling Remodeling Tips

To add style to your ceiling think about how you want to decorate it. Do you want it to be all covered in paintings or you just want to add couple of panel moldings and embellished corners. If you have already completed your home remodeling or decorating but not sure what to do with the ceiling you can simply add some accents of your room’s decorating style to it.

Vinyl stickers and ceiling medallions are the easiest tools to decorate and remodel your ceiling. The ceiling itself must be perfect through. But if you want to hide some minor imperfections you can opt for ornate panels that are more suitable for Art Deco and traditional luxury decorating styles.

Ceiling domes are more difficult to install as well as the trays with lighting. But both add structure to the ceiling and certainly add depth to the room and interior design. If you are more inclined to Country style, wooden beams contrasting with white or colored ceiling add the element of homey, cottage feel to your decor.

So if you are satisfied with your room decor but want to jazz up that white surface above opt for less expensive and invasive methods of decorating. For a quick makeover and remodeling opt for a ceiling medallion, vinyl sticker, panel rims, paint or a beautiful pendant lamp.

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