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Vinyl Tiles In Flooring

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Vinyl is a cheaper alternative to hardwood flooring and ceramic and stone tiles. There are also many colors and textures available in vinyl tiles. Vinyl flooring is quite easy to clean and maintain with little effort and several precautions.

Vinyl Tiles In Flooring

How To Choose Vinyl Tiles

There are many various brands that offer vinyl tiles but the key to healthy house is to choose safe vinyl free of VOC/PVC and other hazardous elements. As for designs there are many different vinyl tiles that mimick wood, stone and other floring materials. ProSource is an extensive source of wholesale flooring including discount vinyl tile and an assortment ranging from hardwood to various kinds of other flooring materials, read more here.

How To Clean Vinyl Tiles

There are several precautions for vinyl flooring care and maintanence. Sweep the floors and wash with non-abrasive cleaners. All the sharp and harsh tools might scratch and damage vinyl so be sure to keep those away. Also do not wax vinyl floors and keep the cleaning products ammonia and bleach-free.

How To Maintain Vinyl Tiles

To maintain a good look of vinyl floors take a few precautions such as furniture leg protectors that will prevent scratches when the furniture is moved. Keep sharp objects off the floor and make sure to place area rugs in high-traffic zones.

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