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Stukkolief Wall Art Lighting

Lighting is an important part of decor. It accentuates certain areas and hides other ones in the shadows. Lighting combined with the wall art is a fresh design solution. Stukkolief by Stephan Gervers is a beautiful wall art lighting.

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Stukkolief is an artful wall-mounted lighting fixture that looks like wall art. Stukkolief is a decorative and functional project of designer Stephan Gervers. Stukkolief lights come in a variety of shapes to suit various styles of decor. It can be installed directly to the wall or be ordered on manufactured boards.

Stukkolief Wall Art Lighting

Stukkolief is an unusual way of creating an atmosphere at home. It decorates the wall adding detail to it while also providing the room with light. The idea of lighting fixture integrated with the wall structure is great as it makes Stukkolief multifunctional.

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