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Strates System by Mathieu Lehanneur

A home office is becoming a common space in modern homes as more people work from home. But the lack of space doesn't allow use much of the living space. The Strates System designed by Mathieu Lehanneur solves the lack of space problem with its brilliant design.

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The Strates System by Mathieu Lehanneur is everything a home office requires. The design consists of a desk with multiple shelves for storage. A multifunctional desk can create an effective work space inside the home without taking up much space.
Strates System by Mathieu Lehanneur

The super Strates System is layered to create multiple shelves under the tabletop that can be used to store files, papers, and other stuff and free up the surrounding space that would be required for file storage. Great solution for small-spaced home that requires an effective working space.

Strates System by Mathieu Lehanneur
Strates System by Mathieu Lehanneur

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