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Retro Inspired Wallpaper Collection

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Vintage is a wallpaper collection by Hemingway Design. Teaming up with Graham & Brown the studio has produced four retro-inspired wallpaper designs. All the designs are colorful and feature intricate patterns.

Retro Inspired Wallpaper Collection

Graham & Brown:

Graham & Brown in partnership with Hemingway Design launch VINTAGE, a capsule wallpaper collection celebrating great British creativity across the decades.

Each wallpaper design takes its inspiration from various decades. Deco Diamond (main picture) is an art deco pattern inspired by the distinctive 1930s glamor. Grid roots in 1950s and features a tricolor graphic print with main gray color.

As for the flair of the 60s Loopy Lines on a blue background have a modernist touch to them. Do the Stretch design inspired by the 70s is featured in mustard has graphic brown pattern that echos futuristic flair of the science fiction culture.

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