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Margot George Chandelier And Hawley Side Table From Egg Collective

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A beautiful chandelier can make an impact in the room. It’s not merely a light source but a luxurious accessory. Egg Collective has designed such beautiful Margot George Chandelier.  A flower-inspired Margot George Chandelier is beautiful and elegant. Made of satin brass and hand-blown shades that remind of blossoming flowers the chandelier glows can be tiered.

Margot George Chandelier And Hawley Side Table From Egg Collective

The glass shades reflect the light from the bulb creating beautiful dreamy glints. The Margot George Chandelier can be used in traditional decors as well as in modern style homes. It will definitely add to the decor of almost any room.

Egg Collection’s Hawley Side Table is a stylish furniture item. Hexagon-shaped table is made of brass (polished nickel/satin brass) tabletop and a solid marble base. Adjustable in height the Hawley Side Tables can also be grouped together into bigger tables. Hawley Side Table can make for an eye-drawing accent in the decor. Thanks to the adjustable table top it can suit almost to any sofa height. Beautiful and stylish!

Egg Collective Chandelier And Table Designs:

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