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Halo Fruit Bowl by Benjamin Hubert

Fruit bowl is not simply a container. It can be a decoration as well. Displayed on its own or with some fruit it can add a fresh and bright touch to the decor. Benjamin Hubert's Halo oak fruit bowl is a perfect display piece.

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Benjamin Hubert has designed an oak Halo fruit bowl for David Design. The bowl is made in dark and light finishes and has a ribbed texture that, according to the designer was specifically made to increase the life of fruits by promoting air flow.

Halo Fruit Bowl by Benjamin Hubert

The Halo fruit bowl is truly a display piece on its own. It has a recognizable shape and an interesting texture so it could be easily displayed even without the fruit in it. The bowl also looks stylish and intricate due to its design as well as the natural wood texture that show through the rings.

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