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Get Style Points With These Closet Door Ideas

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Closet doors are about function but you can also make them prettier in order to enhance your interior. There are many door designs and DIY ideas on decorating pretty much anything, so why not closet doors?

Patterened closet doors

We love bifold doors for their decorative look. They can be enhanced with the mirrors or patterned wallpaper and look absolutely gorgeous and quite sophisticated. Just like French doors in which you can frost the glass to make it partially or completely opaque with cornstarch.

Sliding door give the room a rustic touch but there are also modern style sliding doors that can be painted like walls if you want to disguise the closet doors and make them blend with the walls rather than stand out.

Mirrored closet doors are the best in small bedrooms but they can also be more decorative if you go with custom mirrors.

What would you want to do with your closet doors?

Closet Door Design & Decor Ideas

Unstable Table by Rafael Morgan
Booai Chair by Mateusz Chmura
Stacking Vessel by Pia Wustenberg
Pl(a)ywood by Silvia Knüppel
Measuring Sauced Wine Glass
Convenient Hanger Shelf by MĀJO
36h 56h Seats by Fabio Novembre
Adorable Vases 'Singing Brownies' by Diploo
Skydeck by Torafu Architects
Listen To Your Hands Desk by Lee Sanghyeok
Holy Tristan: Re-Imagined Table Lamp
NASA to Grow Plants on Moon
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