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Fluidity Dish Rack by DesignLibero

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Fluidity dish rack by DesignLibero is also a planter. Or to be exact there are two built-in planters by the sides of the rack. The multipurpose dish rack was designed to fit small kitchen. While the dishes are drying herbs or plants can be grown in the planters.

Fluidity Dish Rack by DesignLibero

The Fluidity dish rack is designed so that the water from clean washed dishes trickles down the drainer bowl where it reaches the roots of the plants and nourishes them since the planters are set lower than the dish rack. The planter is filled with coconut fiber and clay pellets to keep the dish rack clean.

Planters can be used to grow fresh herbs for dinner and they can be watered while the dishes are drying. Compactness makes it easy to fit into small kitchen. The planter pots can be removed from the dish rack to make it easier to clean.

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