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Baroque Style In Interior Design

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Baroque style emerged and was hugely popular in the 17th century. Ornate and immensely intricate it influenced everything from architecture to music. Distinguished by lambrequin, marquetry, and crests baroque was more heavy and bold than its successor rococo.

Baroque Style In Decorating

Baroque Style In Interior Design

Heidecksburg Palace in Rudolstadt

Used widely in exterior and in church decorating baroque featured many distinctive elements that made it so complex and interesting. The ceilings were decorated with images of putti (little boys) while plant motifs could be seen in wall decorations.

Baroque style is also distinguished by bold contrasting colors as opposed to gold  and pastels that are more prevalent in rococo.

Symmetry and precision are also important characteristics of Baroque. The interiors featured various complex architectural details along with religious frescos and depictions while Rococo featured dreamy depictions of fountains, garlands, and shells.

Furniture in baroque style featured plant motifs in form of carvings. The gilt frames were also popular. Marquetry – patterns created with help of veneer in different shades – could also be seen in baroque interiors.

The initials and monograms as well as crests were common during baroque period. The style as classic and rigid so when rococo started emerging it got rid of symmetry and classicism leaning toward organic lines and shapes and assymetry.

Though baroque style does not exist in interior decorating in its original form, it surely inspires great designs that combine baroque aesthetic with modern, traditional, bohemian, and shabby chic styles.

Plant motifs that were so common in Baroque interiors have long been used in modern interiors. Think smaller items like mirrors, console tables, nightstands, and coffee tables to add to your existing decor and enjoy some of the baroque lavishness in your own home.

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