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Understated Elegance In Kitchen Design

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Kitchen business offers lots and lots and lots of different options from charming traditional wooden cabinets to highly hi-tech style. But understated elegance will always find its customer as it’s subtle magnificence and beauty attracts the eye without bright accents and showy details but with everything it is.

Elegant Kitchen Design

Kitchen with green and cream cabinets

An elegant kitchen is the one that is about simplicity in everything. Simple cabinets, plain hardware, and sleek equipment. There is no need for too much design and detail. Muted and pastel or neutral colors are the ones you want in your color scheme and even when you use accent colors, brights shold be a bit desaturated. This way you can accentuate the elegance of cabinet work or on the other hand make it less showy.

If you are opting for intricate cabinetry leave the walls and floors plain. This will contrast nicely with the details of the cabinets. You can also do it the other way around.

An elegant kitchen can be done in almost any style. It’s easier, however, to implement in traditional, rustic, shabby, and cottage styles. These styles naturally call for simplicity and understated chic rather than showy and luxurious elements. Modern style kitchen can also be elegant when done right. Minimalism is best for designing a modern elegant kitchen.

As for countertop materials, exercise the same rule as with intricate cabinetry. It’s best to use something simple with intricate cabinetry but if your cabinets are plain and simple, you can opt for more luxurious materials like marble and stone.

Accessories should be sparse and not too detailed. Opt for a few lighting fixtures rather than a big showy chandelier and avoid too many display items.

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