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Colorful Airvases by Torafu Architects

A beautiful vase can become a great decoration for a table or a shelf. Even the empty one can make for a great display object. Airvases are colorful and can be reshaped as necessary to wrap and decorate a simpler vase.

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Airvases designed by Torafu Architects are made of colorful paper and can change shape if necessary. The Airvase collection looks creative and beautiful. The vases also come in different patterns and colors. They can be used to decorate the simple transparent flower vases.

Colorful Airvases by Torafu Architects

The paper vases are a nice decoration when it comes to serving the table or simply displaying flowers. They can also stand on their own as colorful decorations and due to their flexible design the Airvases can be changed in shape if necessary.

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