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Servus / r75 Coat Rack by Florian Saul

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Designed Florian Saul has created a coat rack Servus / r75. Its simple and minimalistic design is both charming and stylish. The Servus / r75 Rack coat rack is made of a simple wooden frame curved at the top for hanging the outerwear and a leather bag fixed to the frame.

Servus / r75 Coat Rack by Florian Saul

The Servus / r75 clothes rack can be leaned against the wall while the rubber feet provide it with more stability. The leather bag at the bottom of the rack is a stylish substitute for a drawer and can be used to store small things.

Servus / r75  doesn’t have any hooks, its design is clean and minimalistic and it occupies little space. Minimalistic coat racks can help not only save space in a small-spaced hallway but also add a stylish modern touch to the hallway design. What do you think about Servus / r75?

Stylish Minimalist Coat Rack:

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