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  • Budget Garden Makeover Tips

    Garden may too need a makeover if it’s been neglected or you simply want to give it a fresh start. Garden Makeover on a Budget

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  • Rooftop Garden Design Ideas

    Rooftop gardens are becoming more and more popular due to the lack of space in urban environment for conventional ones. Rooftop Garden Designs

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  • Small Spaced Garden Tips And Ideas

    Lack of space doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the garden or the sight of greenery. There are quite a number of ways to create a small-spaced garden for your home. Ideas And Tips Small Spaced Garden

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  • How To Build Rock Garden

    Rock garden is a great landscaping trick for a low maintenance which looks lovely and beautiful. Rock Garden How-To

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  • How To Create Low Maintenance Garden

    Gardening can take a lot of time and effort but there are ways to create a low maintenance garden. Create Low Maintenance Garden

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  • Garden Rug by Pia Wustenberg

    Garden Rug by Pia Wustenberg allows to create your personal indoor lawn and enjoy some greenery even when living in a highly urban environment. Garden Rug For Indoor Gardening

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  • Plantini Kit For Gorgeous House Mini-Gardens

    Gardening becomes more exciting with each new design. And you don’t even have to have a land to grow plants and flowers on. Plantini Kit Makes A Gorgeous Indoor Mini-Garden

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  • Windowsill Decoration Ideas

    Windowsill is a part of the window that is more functional and can be used for both storage and decoration. How to Decorate Windowsill

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  • House with Built In Garden

    Since it’s not always possible to have a garden around your house architects have come up with an idea of built in home gardens that are basically huge planters in the house exterior. Architecture

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  • Landscape Design To Increase Privacy

    Do you like yards and gardens? Then you’re maybe wondering how can you increase privacy for your yard. There are many landscape design that will help you with that. Increase Privacy With These Landscape Design Tips

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  • Integrated Indoor And Outdoor Spaces

    The prospect of some spare space for a porch, terrace or patio you’ve always wanted or natural views right from inside your house is too sweet. Together With Nature: Integrated Indoor And Outdoor Spaces

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  • Gardening Basics

    Gardening can be fun and as well take your time and money in terms of design and maintenance. But your own summer paradise-like green haven is such a sweet idea. Check out some helpful Gardening Basics

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  • Britney Spears’ New $20 Million Mansion

    Britney Spears is said to have bought a luxury 20,000 square feet mansion at $20 million in Hidden Hills. Tudor-style mansion has ten bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. Check out Britney Spears’ New $20 Million Mansion

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  • Kim Kardashian’s Mansion Interior Design

    Kim Kardashian’s $4.8million five-bedroom mansion is located in Beverly Hills and made in Tuscan-style featuring four bathrooms and spa. Check out Kim Kardashian’s Mansion Interior Design

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  • Seasonal Decor: Spring

    Spring is soon enough so it’s time to think about seasonal decor. Read on Spring Seasonal Decor

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  • Patio Design Ideas

    Patio design might depend on its location. It can be romantic-style inside a garden or minimalist-style on the lawn in front of the house. Check out Patio Design Ideas

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  • Drew Barrymore’s New Mansion

    Drew Barrymore has bought a new mansion in Santa Barbara for $7 million. Check out Drew Barrymore’s New Mansion

  • Garden Design Ideas

    Garden is a part of the home that needs a touch of design as well as the interior. There are plenty of ways of bringing your style outdoors. Check out Garden Design Ideas

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