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Quick Bathroom Makeover Ideas

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If you need a new look in the bathroom there are some cool ideas on getting a quick bathroom makeover that will change a lot in the decor. Some makeover ideas require less effort than others but all of the ideas are quite easy to implement without much hassle.

Quick Bathroom Makeover Ideas

New Shower Curtain

As simple as it may be but changing a shower curtain can give a bathroom a whole new look. Opt for colors that match or nicely contrast the bathroom color scheme. Be sure to choose a different shower curtain from the one being replaced to achieve a drastic change.

If the bathroom features windows you can replace those curtains instead or as well as the shower curtain. If the older ones are still good you can swap them whenever you need to have a makeover.

Prevent Clutter

Cosmetic and cleansing products, medicine, and other personal things can clutter the bathroom vanity or shelf. Storage baskets, storage-friendly vanity and proper organization will help prevent clutter. Cleansing products can be stored in a closet, laundry room or in a special cabinet or shelving in the bathroom.

Add Color

If bathroom is designed in light neutral colors it’s easy to add color with a shower curtain, decorative glassware and other accessories like flower vase or soap vessels and bathroom sets.

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