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Sponge Lamps by Miguel Ángel

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Miguel Ángel created interesting lamp series called Sponge. The series consist of lamps handcrafted from pottery.Due to the porous surface the light comes through the pores. The Sponge is great for modern-style and sea-themed decor.

Sponge Lamps by Miguel Ángel

The pendant Sponge lamps come in black, red and beige but the series also offer the floor outdoor lamps in sizes from 80 to 30 cm. A group of different sized Sponge lamps can make a great outdoor lighting ensemble. The porous body of the lamp makes the beautiful glow.

The sea-theme is quite popular with the designers. It is a bottomless inspiration source that can be used for interior design as well. Take a look at ocean-inspired interior design ideas.

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