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Decorating Bathroom With Art

Bathroom is quite an unlikely place for art pieces one would think. But regardless of practicality art aesthetics is always so attractive. Bathroom Artwork

35 Dream Bathroom Designs

There are many ways of creating a bathroom design of your dreams starting with expensive designer sanitaryware and faucets to wallpaper and statement accessories. Dream Bathroom Designs

Stone Finishes In Bathroom Design

Want to add a special touch to the bathroom design? Stone texture and form can add a lot to the bathroom design-wise. Bathrooms Decorated With Stone

Marble Bathroom Design Ideas

Marble is a beautiful stone that’s often used in bathroom design. Marble Bathroom Designs

Under The Sky: 50 Bathrooms Featuring Skylights

Bathrooms often lack natural light. Installing a skylight at the bathroom is a sure way to bring in some daylight into this cold room. Bathroom Designs Featuring Skylights

Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas

There is a certain allure about the rustic style that creates a special atmosphere. Rustic Bathroom Designs

25 Fabulous Shower Designs

Shower can be a great personal retreat. In order to make it so, make sure to think through the design well. Fabulous Shower Design Ideas

Bathroom Design Element: In-Floor Bathtub

In-floor a.k.a drop in bathtubs are getting more popular in bathroom design as they provide with a resort-like atmosphere and unique feel. Bathrooms With In-Floor Bathtubs

Coastal Bathroom Design Ideas

Coastal bathroom can become an ultimate personal retreat. Dreamy atmosphere of the beach and calming blue color schemes are ideal for enjoying a bubble bath. Beuatiful & Syylish Coastal Bathrooms

Yellow Bathroom Design Ideas

If you want to add warmth to the cold bathroom design yellow is just the color for it. Yellow Bathroom Designs

Red Bathroom Design Ideas

Want a radical bathroom makeover? Red is the color that can make for an unusual bathroom design. Bathroom Designs In Red Color Schemes

How To Design Striking Powder Room

Powder room or guest bathroom can be designed in many different styles but how to create a truly striking design? Striking Powder Room Designs

20 His And Hers Bathroom Designs

When decorating his/hers bathroom consider the size of the room and optimize the design and space to fit all necessary features into it. His And Hers Bathroom Design Ideas

50 Mosaic Design Ideas For Bathroom

Mosaic is a great way to add texture and drama to the bathroom design. Made of tiles that come in a wide variety of colors and shapes mosaic can be used to add complex decor elements to the bathroom. 50 Impressive Mosaic Designs

Dramatic Bathroom Design Ideas

Dramatic bathrooms can be incredibly beautiful and even theatrical and the best part is that the bathroom doesn’t have to be that homey. Ideas For Creating Dramatic Bathroom Design

Moroccan Bathroom Design Ideas

Moroccan bathrooms are stunning and luxurious not only in terms of materials but also in colors and architecture. (more…)

Tiny Bathroom Design Ideas

To make the most of a tiny bathroom look into ways to maximize the space. Natural light can visually enhance the bathroom. Tiny Bathroom Designs

Art Deco Bathroom Design Ideas

Art deco bathrooms are stylish and beautiful. Intricate tile work, curved furniture and exquisite sanitaryware can make for a truly elegant bathroom design. Creathe Art Deco Style Bathroom Design

Shabby Chic Bathroom Design Ideas

Want to achieve a romantic vintage style bathroom look? Shabby chic might be a solution. Shabby Chic Bathrooms

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