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Family Room Design Ideas

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Family room or family area in the living room is where the residents gather to talk, play and simply spend some time together. A basement can be remodeled into a family room though it’s usually an area of a living room with soft furniture and little coffee table.

Family Room Design Ideas

Cozy Furniture

Having cozy furniture inside the family room will make home dwellers want to linger there and enjoy the coziness and love of the close people. Soft couch, armchairs and a coffee table is a standard set for the family area but if you add an element of surprise use a big ottoman instead of the coffee table. Make sure the whole family can be seated for a game of monopoly, hot chocolate or a talk.

Fireplace Vs. TV

The TV is a common choice for a family room, but it does hinder the communication and unity which is a family room all about. So if possible opt for a fireplace instead. As it fives the room a warm and cozy feel creating a very family-friendly atmosphere.

Make it Cozy

To make it cozy add some soft rugs to the family area. They will make the area more home-like and inviting. Curtains will give your family room more privacy if needed while soft throw pillows will make the furniture set more cozy and sweet.

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