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  • Bedroom Renovation on Budget

    Bedroom Renovation on Budget

    Budget Wise Bedroom Renovation Ideas>>>

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  • How To Add Special Touch To Christmas Decor

    Christmas decor doesn’t require much but if you want to make it special there are ways to make it so. Add a Special Touch To Christmas Decor

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  • Mosaic Wood by Elisa Strozyk

    Designer Elisa Strozyk creates beautiful wooden designs that use wood in a different very creative way making it look more like mosaic and textiles. Beauty of Mosaic & Textile Wood

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  • Bathroom Renovation On Budget

    Before going into any renovation process it is always a good idea to asses the situation with the room design. Tips to Budget Bathroom Renovation

  • Bedroom Budget Renovation Ideas

    So how does one renovate a bedroom on budget? It all of course depends on one’s needs, budget and taste. Bedroom Budget Renovation Ideas

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  • Hush Pod Provides Privacy In Public Spaces

    Hush Pod was designed by Freyja Sewell to give people living in densely populated cities a little privacy and some alone time. Hush Pod Private Retreat by Freyja Sewell

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  • Ergonomic Wooden Hammock by Adam Cornish

    An Australian designer Adam Cornish has designed this award-winning Wooden Hammock considering the motion of the human spine. Ergonomic Wooden Hammock For Proper Posture

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    • Wooden Hammock by Adam Cornish
  • Gabion Table by Benjamin Hubert

    Gabion Table designed by Benjamin Hubert for De La Espada has a very special appeal. Playful Gabion Table

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  • Interesting Design: Felt Pebble Cushions

    Ah, these pebbles are as sweet to the eye as they are soft. Designed by Ronel Jordaan these handcrafted pebble cusions are simply beautiful. Woolen Pebble Pillows

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  • Garden Rug by Pia Wustenberg

    Garden Rug by Pia Wustenberg allows to create your personal indoor lawn and enjoy some greenery even when living in a highly urban environment. Garden Rug For Indoor Gardening

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  • Graticule House by David Jameson Architect

    Graticule House is yet another project by David Jameson Architect. The house has an interesting architecture. Interesting House Architecture by David Jameson Architect

  • How To Keep Kids Room In Order

    With small kids the house in general and a kids room in particular become high traffic areas. So how to keep kids room in order? Tips To Keep Kids Room In Order

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  • Megaweave Outdoor Seat by Dunja Weber

    This textile-inspired outdoor seating was created by designer Dunja Weber using six rings of hot iron, hammer and skill. Textured Megaweave Outdoor Seating

  • How to Decorate With Floral Patterns

    Floral patterns are very common in interior decorating. They make a room more fresh, romantic and welcoming. But there are so many floral patterns out there. Tips on Decorating With Floral Patterns

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  • Colorful Garland Coasters by Mauricio Affonso

    Designer Mauricio Affonso has designed a set of colorful coasters Garland for Umbra. Festive Garland Coaster

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  • Cool 8-Bit Geek Coffee Table

    8-bit games are now popular again. Many designers draw inspiration from the older games and create some cool furniture and objects. Geek Coffee Table Is Cool

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  • Colorful Bedroom Designs

    A bedroom doesn’t always have to be in pastel and neutral tones. There are many other bright hues to choose from and jazz up the bedroom. Colorful Bedroom Design Ideas

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  • How To Choose Fireplace

    Fireplace is not only producing heat but it also gives the house a warm and aesthetic touch. In the room the fireplace also functions as a focal point. Tips on Choosing Fireplace

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