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Stylish Shared Kid’s Room For Girls

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Designing shared kid’s room can be challenging but there are always creative ideas and design solutions to help with it. Girl’s bedroom for two and more kids requires careful planning especially if the room is small. Choose the decor style that will suits the tastes of all the room’s residents.

Stylish Shared Kid's Room For Girls

Bed Arrangement

Bed arrangement in a shared room depends on the number of beds and the size of the room. Smaller rooms will require smaller beds or bunk beds to save some space for a study or dressing area. Beds can be arranged not only parallel to each other but also at different angles to create some private areas and nooks for study and play.

Stylish Shared Kid's Room For Girls

Decorating Style

Decorating style in the kid’s room might depend on the tastes or age of the residents. For a more dreamy look opt for wrought iron beds, ruffled bedding, and airy curtains. For a sophisticated look go traditional adding soft headboards to beds and classic furniture. Airy canopies can still add a dreamy touch to the traditional kid’s room design.

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