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  • One Room Apartment Design Ideas

    One room apartment can be difficult to handle in terms of decoration as there is little space and many rooms to squeeze into a single room. Ideas for One Room Apartment Design

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  • Beehive Chair by Graham Roebeck

    Beehive chair is beautiful and unusual. The winner of the inaugural 2011 Formica Formations competition Beehive chair won’t go unnoticed inside the house. Sculptural Beehive Chair

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  • Bookbike Storage System by BYografia

    Bookbike is a shelving structure that was designed by BYografia design studio for storing books and a bicycle. Bookbike Storage System

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  • Candy Inspired Sugarchair by Pieter Brenner

    This candy-inspired Sugarchair was designed by Pieter Brenner and looks sweet and colorful just like its sweet inspiration. Sugarchair by Pieter Brenner

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  • Bonsoir Paris Melting Wood Sculptures

    Bonsoir Paris is a French designer duo who has created beautiful wooden sculpture collection Duramen. Melting Wood Sculptures by Bonsoir Paris

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  • Modular Geometric X Plus Table

    X Plus table designed by Xiaoxi Shi is a modular table made of a single sheet of steel in geometric form. The table is minimalist and modern. Modular Geometric X Plus Table

  • Cozy Balcony Design Ideas

    Medium-sized balcony with a nice view can be a great and cozy area for afternoon rest, mini home garden and simply a lounge area. How to Create Cozy Balcony Design

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  • Christmas Outdoor Decor

    Outdoor decor is a sure way to bring the holiday spirit to the neighborhood. Think garlands, wreaths, lights, and beyond. Tips for Christmas Outdoor Decor

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  • TarGetBooks by Mebrure Oral

    TarGetBooks is a bookshelf design by Mebrure Oral. The bookshelf allows to store the new and read books separately. TarGetBooks Shelves by Mebrure Oral

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  • Dining Room Christmas Decor Ideas

    If a dining room is where the Christmas dinner will be held then it must have at least a hint of holiday spirit. Ideas for Dining Room Christmas Decor

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  • Christmas Decorations: Living Room

    Christmas Decorations: Living Room

    Christmas Decoration Ideas for Living Room>>>

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  • Christmas 2011 Decoration Trends

    Christmas decoration trends for 2011 are quite interesting. The focus is on simplicity and subtle metallic shine. Decoration Trends for Christmas 2011

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  • Christmas Living Room Decor

    Living room is a public zone so the best way to bring the holiday spirit to the house is to decorate the living room. Ideas for Christmas Living Room Decor

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  • How to Choose Christmas Color Scheme

    The key to successful Christmas decor lies in the proper color scheme. In order to choose a proper color scheme for Christmas decorations think about what colors you already have. Choosing Christmas Color Scheme

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  • Budget Wise Christmas Decorations

    Budget Wise Christmas Decorations

    Christmas Decorations On a Budget>>>

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  • Christmas Decorations on Budget

    Christmas is money-consuming time so decorations may be the first thing people want to cut back on. But if you still want a new Christmas decor it is not impossible. Christmas Decorations on Budget

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  • Steel Nested Kitchen Knife Set – Meeting

    Meeting is a kitchen knife set made of steel. Due to its peculiar design the set is both space-saving and very unusual to the eye. (more…)

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  • Christmas Decor

    Christmas Decor

  • Intricate Cardboard Fruit Bowl

    Fruit bowl ’128′ Cardboard created by SEMdesign looks intricate and has an interesting structure. Fruit Bowl Made Our of Cardboard

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