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Colorful Living Room Design Ideas

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Colorful living room is a perfect place to rest during the day, receive guests and energizes with its colorful decor. Living room can be decorated using color blocking. In color blocking you can use as many colors as you want to and play with them in your living room interior.

Colorful Living Room Design Ideas

Another way of creating a unique colorful living room design is to use prints and patterns as well as playing with textures in abundance. To make prints work throw some solid bright color into your living room design and then mix and match various patterns and prints in furniture, walls or floors.

Bright furniture definitely can make a statement. If you choose very vibrant furniture be sure that the background matches or contrasts it in a good way or tone down it a bit in order for furniture to stand out like in a picture above. Make feature wall match or compliment the color of your furniture so that they will coordinate well together in the design.

Bright accents and accessories work well also. Accents make the design look finished and deep, thought out. Choose your favorite colors from your living room‘s color scheme and add accents in deeper shades of this color. Thus you will brighten up your living room as well as make the room look stylish and finished.

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