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Sunny Yellow Living Room Design Ideas

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Yellow is a great color for sunny and cozy living rooms. It reflect sun light flooding the room with gold yellow light that make the room feel light and cozy. Pale yellow looks great on the walls while more intense shades make bold accents in furniture, curtains and rugs. Yellow also goes well with many other colors so here are some ideas on how to create a unique yellow color scheme for a sunny living room.

Sunny Yellow Living Room Design Ideas

Yellow & White

Yellow and white are classic. These two make an easy and sunny combination and can be completed with bold accents in jet green, brown, red and orange depending on the hue and its undertones. Yellow can also be paired with other neutrals including black but black can take away or just tone down the sunny feel of the yellow living room.

Yellow & Brights

Such brights as red, orange, green, and purple go well with yellow. They can be used as bold accents or even as secondary colors in the yellow color scheme. When choosing a bright color for the yellow color scheme make sure the hues nicely match.

Decorating With Yellow

Pale yellow can make the small living room look brighter and bigger if there are windows in the room. Natural light will reflect and magnify the yellow light inside the room. Bright yellow can be used as accent in a more neutral color scheme in throw pillows, furniture, glassware and lighting.

Sunny Yellows

Some yellows are more sunny than others. Bold accent or other colors may not always contribute to the sunny feel of the room. For instance, mustard or blue hues are simply not sunny. Blues, grays, and purples are cold while yellows, greens, reds and orange hues share the same yellow/sunny undertones. So choose carefully depending on what mood you want to create in the living room.

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