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Easy Budget Halloween Decorations

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It’s two days before Halloween and if you haven’t done any decorating yet it’s time to start now. You don’t have to invest a lot of time and money to get into a spirit of the holiday though. Here are three simple and budget-friendly ways to decorate your porch and interior.

Halloween Decorations on Budget


Pumpkin Stencils

Want to create a masterfully carved Jack-O’-Lantern? Use stencils to help you outline the shape of your design and make your dream Halloween pumpkin. There are many different designs you can buy or find online that will help you make pumpkin carving a little easier and varied.



If you have a blackboard (chalkboard) there is a great way of using it in holiday day. Greet your guests with some spooky headlines or warnings. You can also draw/sketch anything you’d like and display as mantel decoration or a wall artwork.



Candles are a Halloween staple. They go into Jack-O’-Lanterns as well as the table decor and you can do different things using candles and little much else. For instance, a few wine bottles painted black will make great candlesticks and the more melted wax drips all over them the more impressive and creepy they’ll look. You can also cover them with hot red wax to create bloody dribble look. Be sure to use candles made out of beeswax rather than parafin especially if you are going to burn them indoors.

You can also use paper and stencils as well as gauze and cherry juice to make all kinds of decorations. 

What are your go-to Halloween decorations?

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