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Boy & Girl Shared Room Design Ideas

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A lacks of space may prompt for a shared kid’s room. Try using color and theme to create a convenient and stylish shared space for boys and girls. Dividing and uniting space can be challenging in a shared room but it is possible with color and theme.

Boy & Girl Shared Room Design Ideas


Color can be used as a divider to each child’s personal space. From paint to rugs and belinens you can use anything to divide the space into separate zones. It can not only be gender-associated colors but also any other other bright colors that are appealing to both (or all) of the dwellers. Gender neutral colors can also be used to create even space for both of the kids and


Use space efficiently to create private areas for both children. Provide both with storage space to avoid clutter. Use space under bed and wadrobe to store toys and off-season clothing. Make use of all space if there’s lack of it in the room. Use the nooks and corners to store things or create some special area.

Tie It All Together

To bring in the decor together choose a unifying theme for the room. It can be a specific theme or certain motifs like geometric patterns but it will definitely tie it all together in the room for boys and girls.

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