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Coastal Bathroom Design Ideas

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Coastal bathroom can become an ultimate personal retreat. Dreamy atmosphere of the beach and calming blue color schemes are ideal for enjoying a bubble bath. The key to creating a stylish coastal bathroom design is to choose an interesting blue hue/shade and bring as much natural light in as possible.

Coastal Bathroom Design Ideas

Bold Blue Color Schemes

Bold blues make for great color schemes. Look for interesting blue hues to add to your coastal theme. Green undertones and accents add diversity to the color scheme while sand and white are just the right neutrals to balance them out with. Stripes, stars, sea ships, fish and shell motifs are usually seen in the coastal interiors. Use them in the bathroom decor with wallpaper, display objects, wall decor and other.

Plenty of Sunlight

Sunlight is an important part of coastal decor. It should be aplenty. If there are windows in the bathroom use light airy curtains to let as much natural light in as possible. If there are no windows, installing a skylight can solve it easily. Skylight will also add a feeling of bathing al-fresco which is just a right feel for a beach-inspired bathroom.

Attention to Details

Pay attention to details. Add a few coastal decorations here and there. Use shell tile in the floors or walls to add a beautiful finish to it. Use light natural fabrics in decor and wood to create a beach house feel in the bathroom.

Dreamy Coastal Bathrooms

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