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20 His And Hers Bathroom Designs

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When decorating his/hers bathroom consider the size of the room and optimize the design and space to fit all necessary features into it. His/hers bathroom should definitely be more spacious than a single bathroom. It should also suit the style and tastes of both people who are to use it.

20 His and Hers Bathroom Designs

His and Hers Sink

What differs his/hers bathroom from the regular one is that the former has two sinks or one double sink. Sinks can be installed separately or together depending on the size of the bathroom. Each sink installed with its own vanity can maximize the storage space in the bathroom eliminating the need for additional storage units. In a smaller bathroom you can save space by installing one vanity and a double sink.

Color Scheme

Make sure to choose color scheme that is neutral and suits the tastes of both users. Brown, gray, taupe and classic black and white are great colors for his/hers bathroom design. They make for a modern minimalist feel and can be brightened up with bright accents in accessories.

20 His and Hers Bathroom Designs


The same rule applies to choosing a style for his/hers bathroom. It can incorporate tastes and styles of both users or be simply elegantly neutral. Opt for traditional, modern or minimalist decorating styles for designing his/hers bathroom as they are both neutral and elegant.


His/hers accessories like towels and towel holders are quite common in double bathrooms. They are simply decorative and you can add any other accessories that suit the style of the bathroom and add depth to it.

His And Hers Bathroom Designs

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